The Asylumist

In a popular immigration law blog, Victoria Slatton is interviewed about how attorneys should approach affirmative asylum interviews in an article titled "Asylum Interview Tips for Attorneys from a Former Asylum Officer."



Our lawyers were interviewed about how the asylum process is changing under Trump and what the future could potentially hold for immigrants generally in an article titled "Seeking asylum in the U.S. under Trump." 



In an article titles "Millennial lawyers are forging their own paths—and it's wrong to call them lazy," the American Bar Association discusses the benefits of young lawyers opening their own law firms. Michelle and Tori were interviewed about their own experience in the piece as immigration attorneys.  



In an article entitled "Two friends started a law firm for the Trump era. They're already getting results." , UpWorthy analyzes the political climate that caused our attorneys to start their own firm, and the negative feedback they've experienced as advocates for immigrants in the United States.  


Now This 

Our attorneys were featured in a "Now This" video on July 15th. Now This News is a digital news company connected to the Huffington Post. The video focused on the personal backgrounds of Victoria and Michelle, and the roots of Stilwell & Slatton Immigration. Click here to check it out. 

NBC Washington 

After the Supreme Court ruled for the partial reinstatement of Donald Trump's travel ban, two of our attorney's were interviewed by NBC Washington on the possible effects this version of the ban could have on incoming immigrants. Click here for more information. 

Teen Vogue 

Our attorneys had the honor of being interviewed for an article featured in Teen Vogue on June 22nd. The piece, written by Helena Okolicsanyi, focused on how Victoria Slatton and Michelle Stilwell made the decision to start a law firm and the vision for the future of the firm. You can read the full article here